Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bout of Books Spell It Out Challenge

Kimberlyfaye Reads is hosting the Spell It Out Challenge! You have to spell out a word using book titles.

In honor of the season 8 premier of Doctor Who and meeting the 12th doctor I decided to spell out Who. I wanted to spell out Doctor but I couldn't find another book that started with O. 

I should be reading right now but instead I am watching Day of the Doctor and then Time of the Doctor will be coming on. After that is the preshow with Chris Hardwick (I have a total crush on him!) and then the season premier. 

It gets over just after 10 PM so I will still have some time to read!

*Correction* Oops! I assumed the read-a-thon ended tonight but it goes through Sunday! I may even be able to get two short books finished then! And I don't feel so guilty about watching Doctor Who all day. 

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