Friday, 23 December 2011

Game of Thrones Readalong

In an earlier post I wrote about how I had just bought the book A Game of Thrones. Well guess what? There's a readalong in January hosted by Adventures of 2.0!

Here's more info:

The December Wolf Hall readalong has inspired me to tackle another long book that I’m scared to start by myself: A Game of Thrones. I loved the show and Kwame loved the book so I asked for volunteers to read it with me this January. The awesome Jenn from Booksessed responded and we’ve decided to get more people involved by hosting a readalong! We’ve spread it over 4 weeks so hopefully we’ll get through it together.

How to Participate:

  • Enter your blog site on this post. (If you don’t have a blog, just add a comment and start reading!)
  • Optional: Write a post to drag more readers into the fray with us
  • Optional: Stick the button in your sidebar! :)


(Page numbers from my paperback copy, I’ve put the names down to help you find it in your book but it’s not too important to get it perfect)

  • January 1: Reading starts (or has started already)
  • January 8: Progress post #1; Pages 1 (Prologue) - 189 (End of Jon)
  • January 15: Progress post #2; Pages 190 (Eddard) - 395 (End of Daenerys)
  • January 22: Progress post #3; Pages (Bran) 396 - 617 (End of Tyrion)
  • January 29: Final progress post; Pages 618 (Sansa) - 807 (End of Daenerys)

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