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From Here to Maternity by Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson

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Saturday morning coffee sessions are never going to be the same. . . .

Sydney marketing exec Sophie presumed "making sacrifices for your children" meant giving up Bloody Marys and champagne for nine months. When she thought about it, that is. . . . But then two blue lines appear on her pregnancy test. How does a baby fit in with a hectic job, a chaotic social life, and the absence of Max, the Y chromosome in the equation, who has moved to San Francisco?

Support and dubious advice are provided by an unlikely group that gathers for a weekly coffee get-together at the King Street Cafe. With Debbie the glamorous man-eater, Andrew the fitness junkie, Anna the disaster-prone doctor, and Karen the statistically improbable happily married mother of three, Sophie discovers the ups and downs of motherhood. And when an unexpected business venture and a new man appear on the scene, it appears that just maybe there is life after a baby.

Written by two sisters who live on different continents, Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson, From Here to Maternity is a novel that tackles the balancing of motherhood, romance, and a career, while managing to be seriously funny.

The quote from a review by The Age on the cover claims "A story best described as Bridget Jones has a baby." Wrong. Bridget Jones is actually funny. 

From Here to Maternity is about Sophie who is a working woman that has just broken up with her commitmentphobic boyfriend and found out that she is pregnant. The story is about how she navigates single parenthood, starting her own business, and of course, dating.

From Here to Maternity was boring and I had to force myself to finish the book. You'd think with two authors the book would have been a bit better, but it just fell flat. What's worse is that the actual "maternity" part was pretty much skipped over. The authors could have done so much more with the time Sophie was pregnant but they skipped that part and started at her daughter's birth.

Then again considering how unfunny the book was overall, they probably couldn't have made pregnancy funny either. It was charming and had just the right amounts of sentimentality so I descided to give it a chance. I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never really did.

What I did like about the book was that it is set in Australia. So many of these chick lit books are set in England that I thought "down under" was a nice change. I liked how realistic the scenes with the baby were. Clearly the authors are mothers. I also like that Sophie made some parenting mistakes. However, I didn't like that she drank while breastfeeding. Those scenes made me cringe.

I also found the idea that Sophie would fly to Hong Kong for a business meeting with her 3 month old ridiculous. What was completely unbelievable was that the baby slept the entire way. I guess the authors decided trying to pee while holding a baby in an airplane bathroom was funny enough and they didn't need to do anything else.

There were so many situations like this that could have been uproarishly funny but they were boring. There were scenes where baby Sarah didn't cooperate and they made me smile but it was only once or twice that I laughed out loud.

And there was a plot hole that makes me want to write the authors an email with a bid fat DUH as the subject headline. Sophie and her best friend were looking for a baby product that they could sell to stores. Why oh why didn't the authors realize Sophie had the perfect idea when she was shopping for a diaper bag!? Sophie was complaining about how all the diaper bags were pastel colored or had cartoon characters on them. I thought for sure the product idea she would have come up with was the designer diaper bag that doesn't actually look like a diaper bag.

I did love the book ending though. Of the two men in Sophie's life I think she chose the right one. This made sludging through this boring book almost worth it but the book wasn't what I would consider a romance. The romance was only a subplot. Overall it was boring and entirely forgettable. My rating Photobucket.

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