Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ready! Set! Read! Summer Challenge 2013 #bookbuster edition

At first, I wasn't going to participate in this summer challenge. When I first saw it I thought, "I already am doing a book to tv/movie challenge." But then I read the bookbuster categories and they are so creative! Here is more info about the challenge hosted by Ready! Set! Read!

Ready! Set! Read! heads to the big screen this summer! We've saved a seat for you.

This summer, we read the movies! The goal? Finish 8 titles that you've never read (10 for extra credit). The catch? Your choices should be books that were turned into movies, TV shows, or plays. You may also include books slated for film and/or theatrical adaptation. 

Start date: June 24
End date: August 31

 Choose one title in each BOOKBUSTER categories:

Book(taking a)stand: A book about a political, social issue, or sociopolitical issue that interests you.
Off to see the wizard: An otherworldly book. This book is set in an alternate universe or features an otherworldly species.
Oscar-Worthy: An award-winning book or its award-winning film adaptation. *Extra credit for an award-winning book that inspired an award-winning movie. This category may include award-nominated titles too.
Keeping it real: A book that is based on a true story.
Born to be wild: A book that takes you on a wild adventure.
Under the influence of ________: A book about the power/effects of not-so-true love. You know that genuine love is not the character's motivation. What is? You fill in the blank and let us know.
Second chances: A book you should have read but didn't. Maybe a book from a another challenge? Teen challenged: A book featuring a child/YA protagonist. *Extra credit for a story told from the child’s narrative perspective.
Emotional roller coaster: A book that stirs your emotions. Does the plot make you sad? Happy? Afraid? Hot and steamy? Heck! All of the above? *Extra credit for this bonus category.
Reverse Shot: A book that ‘flips the script' per se. This is a movie, TV show, or play turned book. *Extra credit for this bonus category.

 · Are you a blogger? Feel free to add a comment to this post with a link to your blog. We encourage you to write reviews and identify #bookbusterEdn somewhere in the subject line. We will check your blogs to keep track of the entries you earn (More on entries in the HOW TO WIN A PRIZE! section below)

· You can still participate without a blog. Leave a comment on this post saying that you’re in! Email us at as you complete your review(s). Your review(s) can take any format. Just be your-amazing-self and let the review(s) be reflective. We will not publish your reviews on this blog without your consent.

· If you’re on Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag, #bookbusterEdn so that we can find and support each other through retweets and discussions.

· At the end of the challenge, we will randomly choose one person to win a $20.00 Amazon gift card.

 · Each finished book + accompanying book review guarantees one (1) entry. However, there are ways to increase your odds. Each accompanying movie review earns two (2) additional entries. We encourage you to watch the movie and compare it to the book. Each Extra credit book earns three (2) entries.

No restrictions on page count.
Fulfill categories in any order.
You're also welcome to fulfill the categories without reading books turned movies.
Those books won't earn prize entries though.

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