Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Musings: Is Handwriting Dead?

This week's topic: Is handwriting dead?

(Turns out this was last week's topic. Oops!)

Yes! They have stopped teaching in elementary school. My two younger kids are not learning it, but my teenagers did. They have replaced handwriting with computer classes. I don't understand how kids even know how to sign their name anymore. Do they print it?

When I write in cursive my kids can't read it. I suppose that is kind of awesome. It's like I'm writing in code. Handwriting has become antiquated. (I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence! Yay!)

Although, I must admit I don't miss hearing them complain about trying to make the damn cursive letter Q or about how they are making the sticks too tall or the loops to big.

But also it's the death of individualism, in a way. My handwriting makes me unique. No one will ever write the way I do. Kids won't get to experience that anymore. I've never homeschooled before but I think I may at least try to teach them cursive writing. Then again, they'd be able to read my maybe not.

Ironically, styles of handwriting are fonts, so maybe it's not entirely dead.

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